Ludwig Arnold Lab for Stochastic Dynamical Systems

Ludwig Arnold Lab for Stochastic  Dynamics

Members: Ludwig Arnold, Jinqiao Duan, Peter Kloeden, Ji Li, Bjorn Schmalfuss, Yiwei Zhang.

Current research themes:
Geometric theory of stochastic dynamical systems;
Non-Gaussian stochastic dynamical systems;
Probabilistic methods for deterministic dynamical systems;
Stochastic dynamics of biophysical and geophysical systems.

Professor Ludwig Arnold, University of Bremen, Germany, is one of the leading mathematicians in the area of stochastic differential equations and their applications to science and engineering, in particular to stochastic stability and stochastic bifurcation theory. He and his collaborators have done pioneering work in the area of random dynamical systems, merging stochastics with dynamics.

He has published more than one hundred high quality scientific papers and 8 monographs, including his bestseller “Stochastic Differential Equations – Theory and Applications”, and his Opus Magnum “Random Dynamical Systems”.