John Hopcroft Lab for Data Science

   John Hopcroft's Lab at HUST is located in the Innovation Institute of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, affiliated to the Big Data Center and the Mathematics Center of the Innovation Institute.We are engaged in the following research and education activities: data mining, machine learning, algorithm design and analysis,  artificial intelligence, statistics, biostatistics,  bioinformatics, and biomedical data analytics.

Key members: John E. Hopcroft, Jinqiao Duan, Kun He,  Zhaohai Li, Congping Lin, Weizhen Wang, and Ke Yin

Prof. John E. Hopcroft(

1986 Turing  Award winner. The American theoretical computer scientist, member of American Academy of Sciences, Academy of Engineering, and Academy of Arts and Sciences, the IBM Professor of Engineering and Applied Mathematics in Computer Science at Cornell University. He has made many fundamental contributions in the field of algorithms, data structure,  automata theory, graph theory. Won IEEE John von Neumann Award in 2010, due to his pioneering contributions in the formal language and automata theory and theoretical computer science. His books on "computing theory", "data structure" are regarded as standard in the area of Computer Science. "Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms", "Formal Languages and Automata" are classical works in the area of computer science. His recent research interests mainly concentrate on information collection and acquisition, data mining and deep learning.


Prof. Kun He(

Board member of CCF Theoretical Computer Science. Her research area includes data mining and machine learning, algorithms for NP hard problems (e.g. Packing, SAT, scheduling, floor planning) . Visited Stanford for a year in 2011 and Cornell for a year and a half in 2013-2014.  Published 50 papers in European Journal of Operational Research, Theoretical Computer Science, WWW, ICDM, Science China: Information, Chinese Journal of Computers, etc. Invited as reviewer by top Journals like the European Journal of Operational Research, Theoretical Computer Science, Science China F.

   Prof. Hopcroft has visited the Lab twice a year since 2013, teaching advanced materials and discussing with the faculties and students.  Faculties and students in the Lab also visited Cornell. We already published joined papers on top conferences like WWW, ICDM, etc. Another American Theoretical Computer Scientist, Prof. Dexter Kozen at Cornell will visit us in Dec. 2015.

   Welcome you to join as a PhD, Master or undergraduate student, or as a faculty member.

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