Lorena A. Barba

Overseas Guest Professors:Lorena A. Barba

Name:Lorena A. Barba
Educational background:
B.S. and P. Eng., Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
M.S., California Institute of Technology
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
Work experience:
Professor, The George Washington University
Research fields:
Fluid Mechanics
Thermal Science and Energy
High-performance Computing
Mechanical Engineering
Scientific achievements:
McKiernan E C, Barba L, Bourne P E, et al. Policy recommendations to ensure that research software is openly accessible and reusable[J]. PLoS biology, 2023, 21(7): e3002204.
Wang T, Layton S K, Barba L A. Inexact GMRES iterations and relaxation strategies with fast-multipole boundary element method[J]. Advances in Computational Mathematics, 2022, 48(3): 32.
Kailasa S, Wang T, Barba L A, et al. PyExaFMM: an exercise in designing high-performance software with Python and Numba[J]. Computing in Science & Engineering, 2022, 24(5): 77-84.
Clementi N C, Barba L A. Reproducible validation and replication studies in nanoscale physics[J]. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 2021, 379(2197): 20200068.
Wang T, Yokota R, Barba L A. ExaFMM: a high-performance fast multipole method library with C++ and Python interfaces[J]. Journal of Open Source Software, 2021, 6(61): 3145.
Chuang P Y, Thorleifson T, Barba L A. Geoclaw-landspill: an oil land-spill and overland flow simulator for pipeline rupture events[J]. Journal of Open Source Software, 2021, 6(62): 3114.
Mesnard O, Barba L A. Reproducible workflow on a public cloud for computational fluid dynamics[J]. Computing in Science & Engineering, 2019, 22(1): 102-116.