Shizan Fang

Collaborating Professors:Shizan Fang

Name:Shizan Fang
Title:East Lake Professor in Mathematics
Institute of Mathematics of Bourgogne
University of Bourgogne, Dijon, France
Educational background:
September 1980 - June 1985, Wuhan university, China.
October 1985 - September 1986, Master of Mathematics at University of Paris VI, France.
October 1986 - April 1990, PhD degree of Mathematics at University of Paris VI, France.
February 1994, Habilitation `a diriger les Recherches at University of Paris VI, France.
Work experience:
- October 1990 - September 1991, Assistant at University of Paris VI, France.
- October 1991 - September 1996, Maˆıtre de Conf´erence (Lecturer) at University of Paris VI.
- September 1996, Professor at University of Bourgogne, Dijon, France;
- September 2007, promoted to Professor of First class;
- September 2014, promoted to Professor of Exceptional class.
- During the period of 2002-2008, Invited Professor at Beijing Normal University.
Research fields:
Malliavin Calculus, Stochastic differential equations, Stochastic and geometric analysis on Riemannian path spaces and loop groups, Functional inequalities, Optimal transport maps and gradient flows, Di Perna-Lions theory and flows of quasi-invariant maps, Hydrodynamics.
Scientific achievements:
[1] S. Fang, A. Pilipenko, Additive functionals and push forward measures under Veretennikovs flow, Interdisciplinary Math. Sciences, vol. 17 (2015), 163-178, in honor of Masatoshi Fukushima’s Sansu.
[2] S. Fang et V. Nolot, Sobolev estimates for optimal transport maps on Gaussian spaces, Journal of Functional Analysis, 266 (2014), 5045-5084.
[3] S. Fang, Hydrodynamics and SDE with coefficients in Sobolev space, Conference proceedings: Modern stochastics and applications, Springer Optim. Appl. 90 (2014), 109-121.
[4] S. Fang, Stochastic Analysis on loop groups, Interdisciplinary Math. Sciences, vol. 13 (2012), 125-136.
[5] S. Fang, H. Lee and D. Luo, Heat semi-group and generalized flows on complete Riemannian manifolds, Bull. Sci. Math, 135 (2011), 565-600.
[6] S. Fang and J. Shao, Fokker-Planck equations with respect to heat measures on loop groups, Bull. Sci. Math, 135 (2011), 775-794.
[7] S. Fang and H. Lee, On the estimate for commutators in DiPerna-Lions theory, Progress in Probablity, vol. 65 (2011), 61-71.
[8] S. Fang, D. Luo and A. Thalmarier, Stochastic differential equations with coefficients in Sobolev spaces, J. Funct. Analysis, 259 (2010), 1129-1168.
[9] S. Fang, On the behavior of metric Hs on loop groups, Theory of Stoch. Processes, 16 (2010), 39-43.
[10] S. Fang, J. Shao and Th. Sturm, Wasserstein space over the Wiener space, Prob. Theory Related Fields, 146 (2010), 535-565.
[11]. S. Fang, Introduction to Malliavin Calculus, Mathematics Series for Graduate students, vol. 3, Springer, Qinghua University, 2005.
[12]. S. Fang, S. Peng, L. Wu, J. Yan, Some topics on stochastic Analysis, Chinese Academic Press, 1997.
- September 2010 - June 2013: President of Scientific Commission of Mathematics
- Scolar year 2011 - 2012: Responsable of Master
- July 2013 - Present: Director of Department of mathematics
- October 2009 - June 2014, Responsable of French National Grant “ProbaGeo”, gathering a dozen researchers.

Organizations of Conferences
- September 10th-15th 2001, international conference on ”Probability and Geometry”, Dijon, France.
- April 18th-22th 2005, internationale conference on ”Random flows”, at CIRM, (with Y. Le Jan), France.
- September 21th-22th 2006, Special session ”Probability and Geometry”, at University of Bonn,
inside Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinugung (with A. Thalmaier, A. Grigoryan), Germany .
- August 6th-10th 2007, Special session ”Geometry and Probability”, inside SPA 2007 at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champain, (with M. Gordina), USA.
- January 23th-24th 2008, Meeting Proba-Statistique Dijon-Besanon, at Dijon, France.
- June 21th-25th 2010 , ”Probability days” at Dijon (with H. Cardot, P. Cenac, P.A. Zitt).
- October 4th-6th 2010, International Colloque in memory of P. Malliavin, Dijon.
- June 11th-13th 2012, Conference on “Probability and Geometry”, Poitiers, (with M. Arnaudon and J. Franchi).
- October 28th-31th 2013, Conference “Probability and Geometry”, University of Luxembourg (with M. Arnaudon, J. Franchi and A. Thalmaier).