Chenchang Zhu

Collaborating Professors:Chenchang Zhu

Name:Chenchang Zhu
Title:East Lake Professor in Mathematics
Professorin of Mathematics,
University of Gottingen, Germany
Educational background:
University of California at Berkeley Berkeley, CA, 94720
Ph.D. in Mathematics, in May 2004
Advisor: Alan Weinstein

Peking University Beijing, P. R. China
B.S. in Mathematics, June 1999
Work experience:
Gottingen University ¨ G¨ottingen, Germany
Professorin (tenured) in Mathematics, since August 2013

Gottingen University ¨ G¨ottingen, Germany
Juniorprofessorin (tenure-track) in Mathematics, September 2008-August 2013

Institut Fourier Grenoble, France
Maˆıtre de conf´erences (Assistant professor) in Mathematics, since November 2006, detachment since September 2008

ETH: Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Z ¨ urich ¨ Z¨urich, Switzerland
Post-doc position in Mathematics, June 2004-October 2006
Research fields:
Symplectic geometry and differential geometry
Scientific achievements:
Selected Publications

Semidirect products of representations up to homotopy: Yunhe Sheng, Chenchan Zhu, 2009; arXiv:0910.2147, Pacific Journal of Mathematics 249-1 (2011), 211–236. DOI 10.2140/pjm.2011.249.211.
Lie algebroid Fibrations : O. Brahic, Chenchang Zhu, preprint, 2010; Advances in Mathematics Volume 226, Issue 4, 1 March 2011, Pages 3105-3135; arXiv:1001.4904.
Omni-Lie 2-algebras and their Dirac structures: Yunhe Sheng, Zhangju Liu, Chenchang Zhu, 2010; arXiv:1007.4896, Journal of Geometry and Physics 61 (2011), pp. 560-575, DOI:10.1016/j.geomphys.2010.11.005
Non-Hausdorff Symmetries of C*-algebras: Alcides Buss, Chenchang Zhu, Ralf Meyer, arXiv:0907.0339, Math. Annal. DOI: 10.1007/s00208-010-0630-3.
Strictification of ´etale stacky Lie groups: Giorgio Trentinaglia, Chenchang Zhu, preprint 2010, arXiv:1006.1262; Compositio Mathematica 2011, doi:10.1112/S0010437X11007020;
A higher category approach to twisted actions on C*-algebras: Alcides Buss, Chenchang Zhu, Ralf Meyer, preprint 2009; arXiv:0908.0455, Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society (2) 56 (2013), no.2, 387-426.
Higher Lie algebra actions on Lie algebroids: Marco Zambon, Chenchang Zhu, preprint 2010; arXiv:1012.0428, J. Geom. Phys. 64 (2013), 155173.
Integration of Lie 2-algebras and their morphism: Yunhe Sheng, Chenchang Zhu, preprint 2011; arXiv:1109.4002, Lett. Math. Phys. 102 (2), (2012), 223-244.
Distributions and quotients on degree 1 NQ-manifolds and Lie algebroids: Marco Zambon, Chenchang Zhu, preprint 2012; arXiv:1202.1378, J. Geom. Mech. 4 (2012), no. 4, 469485.
Lie 2-bialgebras: Chengming Bai, Yunhe Sheng, Chenchang Zhu, preprint 2011; arXiv:1109.1344, Comm. Math. Phys. 320 (2013), no. 1, 149172.
Integration of semidirect product Lie 2-algebras: Yunhe Sheng, Chenchang Zhu, preprint 2010; arXiv:1003.1348, to appear in International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics (IJGMMP).
Integrating central extensions of Lie algebras via Lie 2-groups: Christoph Wockel, Chenchang Zhu, preprint 2012; arXiv:1204.5583, to appear in Journal of the European Mathematical Society (JEMS).
Honors, Grants, and Fundings

Gold Medal (Full score), in IMO: International Mathematical Olympiad, 1995 (Top 3% from 73 countries).
Sony Fellowship for Freshmen, 1996.
“Wu Si” Award, the highest annual award at Peking University, 1997.
Honorable Mention, in MCM: The Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 1998.
Regents Fellowship, Spring 2002.
Liftoff Fellow of Clay Mathematics Institute, June 2004.
Departmental Postdoctoral position in ETH, 2004-2005
Funding from ANR (L’Agence Nationale de la Recherche), 2006.
Funding from CCCI: Commission des colloques et congr`es internationaux, to provide myself the travel expense for the thematic program “Geometric Applications of Homotopy Theory” in Fields Institute, Toronto, 400 euros, 30.03.2007.
Funding from DFG (German Science Fundation), Ralf Meyer and Chenchang Zhu; project title: “Actions of 2-groupoids on C*-algebras”, Individual Grant (ME 3248/1-1; 2009-2011), with total amount granted: 24 month full E 13 position and 6.000 euros for material expenses and travel expenses; date of approval: 04.03.2009; project duration in months: 01.09.2009 - 31.08.2011.
Extension of ME 3248/1-1, with total amount 124.900 euros granted; date of approval: 20.04.2011; extension length: additional 24 months.
Tang Aoqing Guest Professorship, Chenchang Zhu; project title: “Integration of Courant algebroids”, funding provided by: Jilin University.