Maosong Xiang

Professors:Maosong Xiang

Name:Maosong Xiang
Title:Associate Professor
Educational background:

Educational background:
2013/9-2017/6: BICMR, Peking University, Beijing, Ph.D. in Mathematics.
2015/9-2017/5, Pennsylvania State University, USA, CSC joint Ph.D. program.
2010/9-2013/6: Capital Normal University, Beijing, Master in Mathematics.
2005/9-2009/6: UESTC, Chengdu, Bachelor in Mathematics.
Work experience:
Research fields:

Research fields:
Higher algebraic and derived geometric aspects in Mathematical physics.
Scientific achievements:

Scientific achievements:
Zhuo Chen, Honglei Lang, Maosong Xiang, Atiyah classes of strongly homotopy Lie pairs, To appear in Algebra Colloquium. Available at arXiv: 1609.00984.
Zhuo Chen, Maosong Xiang, Ping Xu, Atiyah and Todd classes arising from integrable distributions, Journal of Geometry and Physics (2018);