Assistant/Associate Professorships

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​Wuhan, China       Email:     数学正在发生日新月异的变化。不仅数学内部各分支相互交融,共同推动数学向更高层次发展,而且科学与工程问题牵涉到越来越深的数学课题,对数学提出了重大挑战,激发了新的数学理论和方法的创立,从而推动数学本身的发展。数学也一直在背后推动着科学和工程技术的进步,为现代科学和高新技术的发展奠定坚实基础。世界强国必须是数...

Wuhan, China       Email:



    1. 积极倡导数学不同分支之间的交叉研究;激发新的合作探索,催生新的研究领域和研究群体;

    2. 努力推动数学与科学,工程,医学之间的交叉研究;建立数学家和科学家之间的广泛联系,从而达到合作共赢;

    3. 聚集一流人才,培养优秀学生,做出一流学术研究,引领学科发展,服务国家和社会。



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Open Positions in Wuhan Math Center

    The Center for Mathematical Sciences, at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China, is a mathematical research and education institution. Our mission is to promote interactions between mathematics and other disciplines, and to connect branches of mathematics. The Center's current research themes include stochastic mathematics, applied/computational mathematics, core mathematics, mathematical physics, and data science. Distinguished applicants in all areas of mathematical sciences will be considered.

Open Positions

  • Assistant/Associate Professorships

Basic requirements:

A PhD degree in mathematical sciences or related fields, with distinguished research credentials.

  • Postdoctoral fellows

Basic requirements:

New or recent PhD graduates in mathematical sciences or related fields, with distinguished research potential.

The compensation packages, including salary, start-up funds and housing allowance, are highly competitive, and are commensurate with qualification and experience.

The Center will also sponsor qualified candidates to compete for the National Junior Endowed Professorships ("青年千人计划").

How to Apply:

    Applicants should send these materials to

1. A cover letter;

2. A curriculum vita with a list of 3 references;

3. A research statement.

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