Stephen Wiggins动力系统实验室

The research interests in this Lab include dynamical systems and applications in geophysical and chemical systems.

Professor Stephen Wiggins

PhD(Cornell University, USA)
Professor of Applied Mathematics
Applied Mathematics
• Fluids and Materials
• Applied Mathematics
Research themes
• Fluid Dynamics
• Dynamical Systems and Statistical Mechanics
• Scientific Computing
Recent publications
• Fortunati, A & Wiggins, SR, 2016, ‘Integrability and strong normal forms for non-autonomous systems in a neighbourhood of an equilibrium’. Journal of Mathematical Physics, vol 57.
• García-Garrido, V, Ramos, A, Mancho, A, Coca, J & Wiggins, S, 2016, ‘A dynamical systems perspective for a real-time response to a marine oil spill’. Marine Pollution Bulletin, vol 112., pp. 201-210
• Iniesta, FB, Lopesino, C, Wiggins, SR & Mancho, AM, 2016, ‘Lagrangian descriptors for stochastic differential equations: a tool for revealing the phase portrait of stochastic dynamical systems’. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos.
• Lopesino, C, Balibrea, F, Garcia-Garrido, V, Wiggins, S & Mancho, AM, 2016, ‘A theoretical framework for Lagrangian descriptors’. International Journal of Bifurcation & Chaos.
• Fortunati, A & Wiggins, S, 2016, ‘Negligibility of small divisor effects in the normal form theory for nearly-integrable Hamiltonians with decaying non-autonomous perturbations’. Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy, vol 125., pp. 247?262
• Mauguiere, FAL, Collins, PRC, Stamatiadis, S, Li, A, Ezra, G, Farantos, S, Kramer, ZC, Carpenter, B, Wiggins, SR & Guo, H, 2016, ‘Towards Understanding the Roaming Mechanism in H + MgH → Mg + HH Reaction’. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, vol 120., pp. 5145-5154
• Mauguiere, FAL, Collins, PRC, Kramer, ZC, Carpenter, B, Ezra, G, Farantos, S & Wiggins, SR, 2016, ‘Phase space barriers and dividing surfaces in the absence of critical points of the potential energy: Application to roaming in ozone’. The Journal of Chemical Physics, vol 144.
• Mauguiere, FAL, Collins, PRC, Kramer, ZC, Carpenter, BK, Ezra, GS, Farantos, S & Wiggins, SR, 2015, ‘Phase Space Structures Explain Hydrogen Atom Roaming in Formaldehyde Decomposition’. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, vol 6., pp. 4123?4128

• Fortunati, A & Wiggins, SR, 2015, ‘Normal forms á la moser for a periodically time-dependent hamiltonians in the vicinity of a hyperbolic equilibrium’. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series S.
• Lopesino, C, Balibrea, F, Wiggins, SR & Mancho, AM, 2015, ‘Lagrangian descriptors for two dimensional, area preserving, autonomous and nonautonomous maps’. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, vol 27., pp. 40-51